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Sir Morris de Cowley

Broomy Hill Site

Trevor and Ellie late 2010Broomy Hill has tracks for popular gauges of model locomotives are catered for with both a elevated and a ground level track. It also has a 20 x 30 metre model boating pond and a newly extended garden railway.

Situated adjacent to the Waterworks Museum, a visit to Broomy Hill on one of our “Public Running Days”, makes for an enjoyable day for all the family. There is plenty of space for parking (it's free too) and pleasant surroundings to enjoy a picnic.

Free Access and Parking

On public running days access to the site and parking is FREE. To find out when we are open to the public and to see our current leaflet see Running Days.

New and prospective members are made very welcome. Just turn up to a meeting or event and introduce yourself to a friendly face.

We look forward to seeing you.